Keisha Milsom


Hello my name is Keisha Milsom. I am a UI and Ux designer based in Brooklyn, New York.


We should make stuff together.

Olympic Kerner | Pantone Perve | Consistency Cop.

Lover of 4-legged things, stand-up comedy , Sun Chips and roller coasters.



New York University
Langone Child Study Center
Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
Red Bull
World Design Capital
Woolworths SA
+ many more


Mobile Networks (MTN)
Retail (Branded content + E-commerce for fashion, decor, adults, kids and pets)
Food and Beverage
Gaming and Edtech
+ many more

Hi, I am Keisha Milsom. I am a Digital Designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

With a Masters degree in Digital Media Design for Learning and over 8 years of experience working in the design and advertising industry, I combine both visual and user experience design with learning sciences to create digital products or games that have a positive impact on people and their communities.

My approach design answers to a personal checklist, which I’ve developed as I progressed through different stages of my career. Is it meaningful? I have learned the power of concept and story telling from advertising. Is it beautiful? The power of crafting design and simplification from working in digital agencies. Is it useful? I have witnessed how user experience design and Cognitive Science has the power to change behavior and impact lives for the better.

I have worked in a variety of eco systems with different teams who embrace different attitudes - from craft design and ad agencies, to prototyping labs who chase sprints, to academia, to game design labs and more. Working collaboratively towards strategic goals with colleagues who value craft, functionality and experience is where I feel at home. If you share the same sentiments, we should talk. Please feel free to connect on any of the social platforms provided.

Note: I have signed a number of NDA's which forbid me to put recent work into public domain but can share and discuss the nature of the work and role in person.




"Keisha Milsom is one of the most talented UI/UX and graphics designers, and most committed professionals I had the pleasure to work with in my 20+ year career.

I hired Keisha in 2015 as senior art director for the CREATE lab I direct. CREATE specializes in the design of digital media for learning and in research on the effectiveness of specific design features. Keisha was supremely qualified for this position as she was also working on her Master's degree in Digital Media Design for Learning (DMDL), one of the programs I direct at New York University. This program equipped her with knowledge of cognitive science, the learning science, UI/UX design, project management, and design research.

During her tenure at CREATE, Keisha worked on several key projects, including Smart Suite, three games designed to train cognitive skills (brain training) funded by the US Department of Education, PlantTracer, an app and a website to conduct plant biology experiments, funded by the National Science Foundation, CBT Games, three games for cognitive-behavioral therapy for children, funded by the NYU Langone Child Study Center, StatsSims and MacroSims, two suites totaling 30+ simulations covering intro to statistics and intro to macroeconomics, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others.  

In each of these projects, Keisha had to work with different clients and learning designers, and she showed her remarkable ability to work in teams, understand the needs of the client as well as of the developers, and inspire new ideas along the way. Every single client commented on the extremely high quality of her work, and her artistic vision, attention to detail, and ability to quickly turn feedback into new designs, by far exceeded my expectations.

I should add that Keisha is a pleasure to work with: she is fun, animated, and exuberates a positive attitude that is infectious.

I highly recommend Keisha as senior UI/UX designer or art director.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any additional information."

Professor Jan Plass Director of DMDL Program at Steinhardt NYU and Director of CREATE Lab NYU.


"Keisha led graphic and UI design for a preschool educational assessment used by researchers at NYU. Keisha went above and beyond expectations in both professionalism and creativity. Truly, she exceeded all other designers we've worked with. She has an intuition for UI that preemptively solved issues we would have faced had we deployed the app with our original design. She was thoughtful, responsive, and delivered graphics that were beautiful and fun. I was impressed that Keisha holds her products and professional interactions to the highest standards. She did not hesitate to revisit completed graphics when we had extra time to make small detailed changes to the design, which in sum made the app that much more cohesive and a joy to use. She is self-motivated to deliver the highest quality product. She attended meetings with back-end developers working on the app and was able to work seamlessly in a team setting. Finally, Keisha herself is a joy to be around. It makes all the difference when under pressure to meet a deadlines. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Kat Adams
P.h.D in Neuroscience in Education at NYU